Nerdtastic Quilt

A few months ago, a friend of mine from MIT sent me his t-shirts from “back-in-the-day.” Opening up the box, I realized this was going to be a very fun quilt for me to make. I recognized many of the shirts and had my own memories attached to them.

We discussed doing the fabrics in cardinal and gray. I even went to the MIT website and printed out the Pantone numbers and color chips they keep there for branding purposes. Once it came time to pick the fabric, I fell in love with a charcoal on black print for the sashing and a deep multi-tonal red fabric for the border. The selection of the backing fabric was a bit more challenging. He had found a very funny “Nerds Rock” fabric online, but there was none of it to be found anywhere – just tempting photos of other items made from it. We eventually settled on a second, equally nerdy fabric – black covered in equations, Venn diagrams, chemistry formulas, etc.

Being the enterprising young lady that I am, I contacted one of the Etsy sellers who used the Nerds Rock fabric and she sent me her leftovers. There was enough there for me to complete the little surprise I cooked up. Amidst the amusingly masculine t-shirt selection there was a duplicate shirt. It is now a very nice pillow, made with the border and sashing fabrics to match the quilt, and the Nerds Rock fabric as the backing.

After all is said and done, I think the second fabric actually works really well as the backing – the color scheme ties in well with the red and black on the front. Overall, this is one masculine quilt. Didn’t know a quilt could be masculine, didja? 😉

I am super happy with how this came out. I really love making these things.